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Getting the right idea for hosting your preschool fundraiser can honestly be quite a chore. It is not an easy thought process. This is especially so since there are close to tens of articles on the web giving conflicting advice on the best way to go about the whole issue. In this situation, there is nothing as dangerous and horrifying as making the wrong decision and picking the wrong choices. That is because it might drastically affect the fundraiser and give you anything apart from the best fundraising event you imagined.

Definition of Fundraisers

Fundraising could be defined as a tactic or means mostly used by non-profit organizations to seek out and gather funds. These funds are gotten or sourced from voluntary donors through a variety of means including purchase or items and services among other events. This is done to meet up with a predetermined monetary aim. The money is usually used to achieve a common and most noble goal. This is the case with school fundraisers. Preschool fundraisers fall under school fundraisers. Fundraisers aim to raise money for non-profit organizations but for-profit organizations, political parties, and many others also make use of fundraisers from time to time.

The essence of Fundraisers in Preschool

There are associations in schools that are concerned about raising money for the kids, the most popular one involving both teachers and parents is the Parent-teacher Association (PTA). This is especially the case for preschool kids, they deserve the very best and both the teachers and parents work hard to give it to them. The fundraisers could be to raise some funds for playground equipment, field trips or excursions, purchasing more supplies and many more. There are numerous ideas on preschool fundraisers but we will not be able to consider all of them, so we will stick to the top 5 most effective ones.

Top 5 Preschool Fundraiser Ideas

  1. First and foremost, you should visit fundraising zone.  They are a family business with 50 years of experience in both school & preschool fundraising.
  2. Start a Read-a-thon: This is especially important because it is educative and really fun. The kids get to pick whatever book interests them and their sponsors (including family, friends, and relatives) would also be part of the process by “supporting” their reading efforts. This could last for a week.

A preschool child reading a book of interest for read-a-thon.

  1. Plan a karaoke night: This is the favorite for many families because it is an opportunity for them to get together, see their kid’s friends, hang out with the parents of their kid’s friends, discuss with the teachers and generally have fun. A cool fact about this is that it is relatively cheap. All you need is a karaoke machine, if you do not have one, you could simply rent for the night. There are lots of ways to make money. The kids and/or parents can donate to hear certain teachers sing several songs, or a vote is made (by donating) on what song the teacher body as a whole is to sing.
  2. Plan a carnival: if your resources allow, then why not? Everybody loves a carnival. You could use interesting games and snacks to raise money through inexpensive tickets. Ice cream trucks, balloon animals, face masks, the whole thing.
  3. Treasure hunt: Since kids are generally pumped at that age, they might as well use that energy to find the hidden treasure somewhere on school grounds. Let them find the “X”. you could do this on a weekend and charge for getting to help the parents watch the kids for a while, allowing the parents some free time.


Nevertheless, always remember to be creative with the ideas. Add your little tweaks wherever you deem fit and endeavor to make sure that the kids have creative fun.


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