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Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi is an acknowledged soul, who was conceived in India in the only remaining century. His lessons are viewed as the most flawless type of Advaita and specifically focuses at reality.

Ramana Maharshi showed the Self-Inquiry reflection method. As indicated by Him, the technique for Self-Inquiry is immediate and the briefest route for acknowledging oneself.

In the Self-Inquiry strategy the meditator needs to look for the wellspring of the I’ Thought. This ‘I’ Thought is the source from which every other idea emerges. On the off chance that we can cut this ‘I’ figured, the Mind will swing back to oneself. In this method, at whatever point any idea comes to us, at that point we need to discover to whom does this Thought has come.

In Bhagwan’s words – “At the exact second that each idea rises, in the event that one cautiously enquires ‘To whom did this ascent?’, it will be known ‘To me’. On the off chance that one, enquires ‘Who am I?’, the mind will swing back to its source [the Self] and the idea which had risen will likewise die down.”

In this method, the meditator should reject or stick to any idea, yet assumed see to whom does this idea has come and see the wellspring of the idea which is dependably the ‘I’ thought. As indicated by Bhagwan the method of self-request ought to be done at constantly. Be that as it may, it ought not be utilized as a Mantra.

Ramana Maharshi did not gave much talks. He principally educated through quiet and the little He spoke, He generally offered significance to rehearse the Self-Inquiry strategy. His Ashram in Tamil Nadu is as yet vibrating with His vitality and numerous searchers visit his Ashram ordinary and numerous satsangs are likewise arranged there by numerous profound educators.


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