Do you find it difficult to work on the mathematical problems that are based on the formula of Distance. This formula aims to derive the distance between  any two given points. One of the ways to solve these problems is to work on the basis of the Midpoint Formula, as it features some relationship with the Pythagorean Theorem.

 This is going to be a simple yet effective measure to solve similar problems, without any need to always remember the formula related to Distance. As such, you can say this a universal approach for solving the similar mathematical problems, without facing any hassles and issues. 

About the Distance Formula

Assume you  need to find the distance between two points, for example A and B, with coordinates  1,2 and 4,6 for example. As per the distance formula, the computation will go like, you need to subtract 1 from 4 and 2 from 6, subsequently, converting the resultant figures into Square functions and then, add up the results. 

Subsequently, you will need to apply the square root function to the resultant figure to get to the distance between the given points. Thus, it comes out that, computation of similar problems is very simple and you can complete the computation within the minimum time. 

Now, assume that you  find it really tough to memorize the formula to compute the distance between any given points. Is it so, that you will not be able to make such computation, if you don’t remember the formula for distance? Exactly not, as there is a gallant alternative to solve such problems that you can compute the distance between 2 given points, without any need to remember the formula. This is a straightforward and more flexible approach is solving similar problems, and you would not need to leave similar problem unanswered, merely for not remembering the formula. 

How to solve the puzzles, in case you don’t remember the Formula?

In case, you don’t recall the formula for computing distance, you simply need to draw a line, starting from the low point, going parallel to the X-Axis and a second line should be drawn, parallel to the Y-Axis, starting from the high point. 

This will draw a triangle and subsequently, one can apply the Pythagorean Theorem can be applied to get the distance between the High and the low points. So, even when you can’t recall the formula related to the distance, still, you will manage to solve and answer such problems. 

In case, you are taking the alternative measure to compute the distance between 2 points, without applying the basic formula for distance, you need to remember that, the distance for one leg will be the difference calibration in terms of the X Coordinayte, while, the distance for the other leg should resemble the calibration along the Y Coordinate. 

Now, it becomes suitable to apply the theorem of Pythagoras that states, the Distance should be equivalent to the Square Root of the summation of the square functions of values for these 2 legs, as stated earlier. This is another gallant way to find the actual distance between 2 points, without  the need to remember the formula. 

Tricks and tips to master the formula related to computation of distance

Are you finding it really tough to remember and master the formula for computing the distance between 2 points? If so, don’t panic, as you are not the only one, suffering from such  issues. Rather, this is a common problem faced by millions of students, and the good thing is that, it is actually possible to remember and master this formula. Here come some effective tricks and tips that will be worthy to try:

  • Even before your teacher starts teaching you the lesson, take time out to familiarize yourself with the formula, in advance. Give some time to understand the formula, and once, your teacher will start teaching the lesson, it will be easier for you to understand the formula. This is a simple measure that can produce the most delightful outcome. 
  • It is always solicited that you take a slow but a steady approach in learning the formulas. Don’t just run after learning these formulas, too many at a time as it will manifold the confusion  and you will be unable to master none. So, take one at a go, and move to the other, only after you acquire adequate expertise on the previous one. 
  • Remember the old saying, practice makes one perfect? There can be no other alternative in learning formulas, other than rigorous and serious practice. The more you practice for solving problems based on a formula, the faster you will master it. You should practice, not till the time you get it right, but, till the time you are reaching an expertise that you can’t commit a mistake. 
  • It will be wise to adopt the Mathematic symbols to remember the formulas for ready recall. You can take design a customized approach in this regard, as it will make it easier for you to remember the formula. 
  • You should never try to just mug up the formula, rather, you need to understand it, step by step. You are more likely to forget things that you try to mug up. But, if you take something as a concept, you will never forget the concept and you can recall the thing, whenever you want. This will be only possible, if you are taking up adequate practice. 
  • Another simple yet effective technique to remember and master any formula is to, apply the memory technique. No matter where you are, or whatever you are doing, you can try to recall and remember back the formula at any instance. This will help you to remember the formula and you can recall it easily, without facing any hassles and hardships. You will be surely impressed with the delightful outcome in mastering the Distance Formula that this simple measure can produce, if practiced on a regular basis for a fair extent of time. 

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