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Thinking about homework and other schoolwork isn’t fun and exciting at all. Summer and any time we all had a break from school and learning were considered the best time of the year. Although there is nothing wrong with enjoying fun days without school, as parents, it is our job to teach kids that learning and education are very valuable.

It won’t be easy to convince your children who attend the christian school San Jose CA to prioritize learning, but there are ways to keep them interested. Here are a few ideas to instill the value of learning on your children from a young age:

Start Early

There is no question that your children are going to the Christian school San Jose CA soon or are already enrolled there. While they can enjoy the class and their school life in general, learning does not have to stop once they are home. Parents should start encouraging their kids to learn from a very early age as this will have a major impact on their lives.

The moment your child shows interest or curiosity in a subject or hobby, allow them to explore it as much as they can. By showing them that you are supportive, they will see learning as something positive instead of something they are forced to do because of school.

Be A Good Example

Kids, especially younger children tend to mimic what they see. Parents who like to read often pass down this wonderful habit to their children by reading to them while growing up. Let your children see you actively learning something new, whether it’s a hobby, sport, or a skill.

Seeing you try something new to enhance your knowledge can be the inspiration your kids need to continue learning, even during the summer.

Encourage Curiosity

A very common and damaging habit parents often practice is dismissing their children’s curiosity. Kids like to ask questions, and most of these questions can be seen as useless but that doesn’t mean they should be dismissed. Once a child’s curiosity is dampened by their parents’ attitude their will to learn and ask questions is compromised.

Although their questions might not seem important to you, your response will have a profound effect on your child.

DIY Science Experiments At Home

Research simple science experiments you can do at home with your kids and use this time to instill that learning can be fun too. Many DIY educational experiments are safe and easy to do at home with your supervision. Doing this hits two birds with one stone. You get to play and bond with your kids while also teaching them about science!

Talk To Your Kids

The moment your child shows that they are struggling with school, do not yell or scold them. Instead, talk to them and ask how you can help. This approach is more effective because kids feel safe in their own home and they will not see school as another tool that will get them in trouble. School is about learning, not just about grades.

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