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Are you a teen looking for an alternative to the traditional high school? Are you a parent wondering whether online homeschooling is a good fit for your child? Here’s your first “test course.” We’ll call it “Homeschooling for High School 101: An Overview of the Pros of Online High School.

You Can Create a Flexible Learning Environment

Teaching your child at home gives you more flexibility than following a traditional school timetable. As long as you fulfill state requirements, you can adopt the study schedule that best meets your needs, since you don’t have to conform to the typical school calendar. Your children can work at the time of day when they’re most productive. They can also learn at their own pace, spending more time on difficult subjects or taking a more accelerated track if they grasp the material quickly. If your family travels frequently or you have time-consuming outside interests (like acting or athletics), you can devote plenty of time to those pursuits and still keep up with your studies.

You Can Limit Negative Influences

For our next point, consider whether the following statement is “True” or “False.” Homeschooling online can minimize classroom distractions.

Answer: True. While homeschooling for high school requires both parents and their children to be disciplined and organized, homeschooling online can provide a healthy alternative to the typical high school environment and its many distractions. If your home is your classroom, you don’t have to worry about peer pressure, fitting in, or being bullied, making it easier to concentrate on learning.

You Can Customize Your Approach

Many parents educate their children at home because doing so gives them more freedom to customize the curriculum according to their values and students’ interests. If teens want to take up a musical instrument or learn a foreign language that isn’t offered by local public or private schools, plenty of resources are available for them to study these subjects on their own or in a community co-op. Parents can also organize field trips and other activities to supplement what they’re teaching at home.

As you consider whether homeschooling online is right for you and your family, here’s a homework assignment: Write down all the reasons you want to homeschool, and talk to other homeschoolers in your community.

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