Python is a versatile programming language with a variety of uses in different fields. From web development to machine learning, Python can help you in creating a successful career in programming. It is one of the world’s most popular programming languages and has been adopted by major companies for web development purposes. Apart from web development, Python can be used in commercial games, business software, mobile app development and many other different types of software. If you want to create a career in programming, you must learn Python. The first thing you need to do is to learn the basics of the programming language. After you have learnt the basics, now you have to figure out what to do next with Python. If you are an intermediate Python developer, you can consider taking up the following project ideas: – 

Content Aggregator

As a content aggregator, you are expected to fetch information from online sites and gather all of the information in one place. The content aggregator delivers all the relevant information in one place, and as such, the users do not have to visit multiple sites to get the latest information. The main aim of the project is to aggregate content and use libraries for sending HTTP requests. After you have gathered the content you can create a database to store it.

Alarm tool

Alarm tool project idea attempts develop a software thart works as an alarm clock. The main objective is to activate audio signals, so timing and audio signal forms an important part of the Alarm tool. The alarm tool should have an interface that lists all the alarms, and it should be able to play tones at the set time. As an extra feature, you can add features to allow users to set recurring alarms

URL Shortener

Sometimes URLs can be long and maybe difficult when people want to share links or remember a URL. This is where the role of a URL shortener comes into play. URL shortener reduces the number of characters or letters in a URL which makes it easier for the user to read and remember. The main goal of this project is to shorten the URL and redirect the users to the original URL while they visit the shortened URL. For extra challenge, you can add a customizable feature so that the users can customize the generated URLs themselves

Site connectivity checker

Sometimes when you visit a URL, you do not get the desired results, and instead you will be presented with error messages. This is where site connectivity checker will visit a URL at intervals, returning the results of each visit. For this project you need to write code for checking the status of a website. You can either choose TCP or ICMP for your connections, and your users should be able to start the tool, stop it, as well as determine the intervals. You can increase the challenge by adding up a notification feature which can be a sound played in the background in order to alert the user about a site status change

Expense tracker

An expense tracker is a tool that enables the user track his/her daily expenses, allows them to analyze the expenses and to make better financial decisions. The aim of this project is to offer statistical analysis that can give users correct information. This information will help them keep track of their expense thereby enabling them to spend their money in a better way. You can add a reminder feature as well if you wish to challenge yourself further in the project. This feature will send notification to the user at certain times in order to remind them to make use of the expense tracker application

Quiz application

Quiz application helps you in testing and understanding various concepts. This application will present you with questions and expect you to give the right answers. So, this project’s main objective is to set quizzes, have people answer them and then display the final score and the right answers. The application also needs to implement a database which will store the questions, possible answers, correct answers and scores for each user

Directory Tree Generator

While working with files and directories, it becomes quite difficult to see the relationship between directories. With a directory tree generator, it will be easier to understand the positioning of files and directories. The main objective is to visualize the relationships between files and directories and let the user decide how deep they want the Director Tree Generator to go.

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