What are popcorn brochures?   Popcorn brochures are small, order forums that allow your friends, family, and neighbors to effortlessly order popcorn from you, without you having to actually buy and pop your own popcorn.  In fact, most fundraising companies will give you hundreds of brochures, 100% free of charge, meaning that all you need to do is sell sell sell!  Popcorn fundraising is easily the best fundraising method available for children, church groups, or any organization that needs money and doesn’t have any capital to invest.  Over the years, the use of popcorn brochures has come to be one of the go-to when a fundraiser comes up, and it is no surprise why. With proper use of this item, you can use it more than once in a year, and since everyone loves a good popcorn, the house gets to have a large audience and lots of people anticipating your next sale.

What Popcorn Fundraising Is Best For You?

Before you embark on this journey, it is best to know just how to go about selling popcorn in your area. Finding the slated price of how it goes helps you know how much to fix yours. If you live in a busy place which lots of traffic then you can increase the price just a little bit. Just remember to check factors which can limit your sale.

Tips To Help You Sell Even More Popcorn:

Irrespective of the fact popcorn brochures help you in your fundraiser; it is best to know how to sell popcorn and how to sell it properly. Knowing that the more popcorn you sell, the closer you are at raising your funds, which is ultimately achieving your goal should not be overlooked. So if you are wondering just how to go about the sales, we have you covered.  Things you need to do includes.

  1. Calling your friends and family to spread awareness. Let’s face it; no one would want to support you as much as your folks would so picking up the phone to call them is a very important step. The more people you call, the sooner you get to raise your funds.
  2. Make good use of your social media to let people know of your fundraiser. You can also give them details of your popcorn brochures, and when you let a lot of people know, you are creating more awareness. Lots of people make thousands of sales over social media every year, and you can as well.
  3. Talk to people and engage them in conversation. Smile and make them aware to read the popcorn brochures. A great conversation is a good way to make people look forward to your fundraiser.

Benefits Of Fundraising With Popcorn Brochures

There are lots of benefits which accompany fundraising in general and more so when you use popcorn brochures. As mentioned early, people love popcorns and making them extra delicious is a great way to make them interested in whatever you have to over. You might be holding a fundraiser for a lot of reasons such as a tournament level,  sporting event, and so on, which are mostly expensive. This makes it difficult for one person to handle all the expenses, and this is why hosting a good fundraiser is the best way to get the funds you need. Event fundraisers are also great ways to get more profit than you would if you do a solo fundraiser.


To get a good popcorn brochure fundraiser, ensure to have a good outlet as well as a great local popcorn business to help you with your fundraiser. So if you ever think of the perfect way to hold a fundraiser, you should never forget the use of popcorn brochures, you wouldn’t regret it. So why not give it a try today?


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