In the present scenario, parents are worried about their children as how to improve their ability to write. Nowadays, kids have several opportunities to practice writing. You do not need pen and paper to pen down your ideas. There are several apps and websites on which you can write using voice to text app. This app translates your voice into text and you can use it wherever you are. Your children cannot give excuses because they take their smart phone wherever they go. 


If you want to improve their writing skills, then make them read books on their favorite topics. In the beginning, you need to develop their habit of writing because it will make them learn language and its intricacies. They will know about sentence structure. They will learn different words and their usage as they do my homework. This will not only enhance their work ability, but they will be able to use these words in their writing in different ways.

With younger children, you need to give them some time and start reading with them. Encourage them to read and their love towards reading will enhance as they will grow.

Writing worksheets

Whether your kids are in school or in the university, you can take online worksheets to practice writing. You can create a worksheet at your own. You can ask them to write their favorite story in their own words. This will enhance their ability of storytelling that will benefit them in creative writing.

Try different material for writing

Do not always ask them to use pen or pencil for writing. You can ask them to draw a painting to express their emotions. You can ask them to dictate a story on their smart phone. This will make them think whenever and wherever they need.

Write letters

Nowadays, writing letters is a lost art. You will not find people writing letters with pen and paper. You can ask your children to write letters for your relatives who are living in a remote area. This will improve their writing skills significantly.

Writing space in your home

You may have a library or a reading room in your home. The same place will work as a writing space for your children. This area is supposed to be free from distractions so that your children can write without any disturbance. This disturbance free area will help them do my homeworkwithout any hassle.


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