Review before testing

When reviewing before the test, the material or information is divided into understandable and other information that needs to be audited or improved, the study program can be evaluated and the extent of the benefit achieved, and when feeling the need for further preparation for the test, the teacher or the academic counseling office can be reviewed. [4]

Review the lessons directly

A person can spend several minutes reviewing the lessons immediately after learning them, and this method contributes to confirming the understanding of the information, and reducing the time required to learn it again when doing another review at a later time, and the review can be done by effective reading or reading efficiently and intelligently, so that the titles are reviewed Home and conclusions to consolidate information in memory. [5]

Rewrite lessons

This method appears initially as a waste of time, but it is in fact an effective means to consolidate information, as research indicates that it contributes to clarifying the information that was studied and enhances its understanding more, and to follow this method it is possible to take key points or write notes in the form of organized symbols. [5]

Strategy 1- 2-3

This strategy is one of the simple and easy ways to review, where a pyramid is drawn, and three things learned from the lesson are written at the base of the pyramid, then write two interesting information, and one question is still unknown, which is written on the top of the pyramid, and the mentioned things can be written By short phrases. [6]

Play strategy

This method is used by the teacher. Examples include the drowning strategy, in which the teacher divides the students into two teams so that they are facing each other, then a question is directed to Team No. 1. If their answer is correct, they can choose a person from the second team to drown, then A question is asked to Team 2 in the same way, and the winning team is the one that ends the competition with more people. [6]


  1. تحضير مادة التفسير
  2. تحضير مادة التوحيد
  3. تحضير مادة الحديث
  4. تحضير مادة الفقه
  5. تحضير القرآن الكريم
  6. تحضير مادة التجويد


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