It is one of the problems that many children suffer from, and it is a problem that results in a low level of education and academic achievement and various areas of life among children, it affects how they receive and absorb information, as they show difficulty in some of the processes related to learning such as awareness, or understanding, Or reading, or arithmetic, or writing, and specialists emphasize that children who suffer from learning disabilities are never less intelligent than other children, in other words, learning difficulties is a general term that identifies the difficulties that children face within the process of education, although some children can That j One suffering from physical or psychological disability but most of them are healthy.

Causes of learning difficulties

Genetic defects: They play an important and significant role in infection.

The occurrence of problems in the mother during pregnancy and childbirth: There is a high probability of the emergence of learning difficulties in the child in the prenatal stage, in some cases the mother’s immune system interacts with the fetus, which leads to the fetus having an impairment in the development of its nervous system.

Drink alcohol.

Environmental pollution: Studies and research have proven that environmental pollution plays a large role in the growth of neurons.

Take medications during pregnancy.

Types of learning difficulties

Listening and focus disorders: It is a result of the presence of mild neurological difficulties in the brain, as these difficulties harm the brain, which is responsible for the main administrative functions, such as: maintaining focus, attention and organization.

Dyslexia: It is represented by the lack of accuracy in reading or reading slowly, or the difficulty in understanding the reciter, in addition to the difficulty of spelling or the inverse writing of letters and words, and it can appear in different degrees of severity.

Difficulties in understanding arithmetic: These are difficulties that affect a child’s ability to acquire arithmetic skills. They are difficulties in understanding the relationship between numbers, difficulties in the auditory or visual perception of numbers, and the difficulty of performing mathematical operations.

Treating learning disabilities in children

Parents must first understand the child’s problem and its nature so that they can develop a systematic treatment plan that is far from psychological tensions.

It is preferable to make an educational program that is specific to the child’s situation, as it depends on the type of educational difficulty he suffers, in cooperation with the family, the school, and the psychologist.

The child should be diagnosed under the supervision of a psychologist, and the sooner the diagnosis is made, it will be better treated and treated.

The treatment program should be general and inclusive of all aspects of learning, in full coordination between the school and the family.

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