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Surgery for the child is always an exciting event, but we give this business to the doctors, they are professionals and they know what they are doing. It is more difficult to care for the child after the operation, here you need skill and a certain preparation. It is important for the baby to provide optimal conditions for safe recovery and to constantly monitor its performance and improvement.

A successful operation is half the battle, it is important to allow the seams to overgrow, and the scars dissolve so that the tissues again take on their original appearance and begin to work on the development of a strong baby’s body. The childcare app can help you out in this matter.

Our tips below take a closer look:

  • Do not ignore the symptoms
  • Ensure proper nutrition
  • Maintain hygiene according to age
  • Do not argue with the doctor
  • Be consistent.

Watch for symptoms

After the operation, a new period begins for you and the child – now you make sure that his condition does not worsen, the doctors give you his life and health. A frequent operation among children is the removal of appendicitis, its features are to ensure the rest of the child, without physical exertion, see if pus is separated along the seam.

As few as possible visitors, peace and quiet, the fence from the gadgets in the form of a smartphone and a laptop will benefit. Now the body cannot waste resources in vain.

After anesthesia, weakness, vomiting, nausea, indigestion can be observed – this is normal without the admixture of blood in the discharge.

Anxiety symptoms for you requiring immediate medical attention:

  • Flaccidity along with fever for more than 3 days after surgery
  • Confusion, poor appetite
  • Swelling and suppuration at the surgical site
  • Difficulty breathing, heart palpitations.
  • For medical check in-out also you need the best support in these cases.


  • You should not spoil the child with sweets after suffering stress in the operating room, wait until recovery and arrange a real holiday with a cake and balloons.
  • Strictly follow the prescribed diet and diet to facilitate recovery.
  • From 3 to 5 days on average takes the postoperative period of the child’s body, then the child becomes mobile and it will be easier for you to help him. Give drugs according to the instructions – before, during or after a meal, as prescribed by your doctor.

Add water to baby

Modern pediatricians believe that there is no need to feed babies with water. They get all the necessary moisture for up to six months from breast milk or formula even on hot days. The extra water in the child’s body will prevent him from properly assimilating the beneficial substances from the milk or mixture, creating a feeling of false saturation and causing discomfort in the stomach. You can start to give water at the same time with the lure. The attendance sheet software or scheduling of these matters can also be made.

Bathe the baby in beer

This tradition comes from Malaysia and China. There it is believed that bathing in beer, especially in the dark, helps to make the baby’s skin beautiful and healthy. Some people from Asian countries pass this advice from generation to generation and others are advised to do the same. But do not do that.


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