With more and more people working at their desks and using their computer on a regular basis, it’s no wonder that desk manufacturers have been trying to improve the desks they offer. One of the latest news is using a computer monitor lift at the desk.

The truth is that no matter if you work in a company’s office or at a home office, you may find having a computer monitor lift extremely useful. Besides using a great technology that will definitely impress anyone who sees it, a computer monitor lift is something that you should consider.

The truth is that there is a wide range of desks that are already including a computer monitor lift. However, as you can imagine, there are multiple ways of adding a computer monitor lift to a desk.

Let’s take a look at some of the options that you have when you want to start using a desk with a computer monitor lift:

#1: Motorized Monitor Lift Desks:

This kind of desks with a computer monitor lift is simply incredible. They are probably the ones that will impress more. After all, with this kind of computer monitor lift, your computer monitor will completely recess into the desk.

While this type of desks is preferable to people who usually only use their computer for a limited period of time and who need to have their desk available for other tasks, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use one. After all, you can be sure that everyone will be talking about your James Bond desk.

In case you are looking for a motorized monitor lift desk, you need to make sure that it can hold your computer monitor. Usually, these desks tend to support up to 24” monitors only.

Besides being able to use one of this at your company’s office or home office, schools and colleges can definitely make use of them too.

#2: Sit-Stand Desk With Motorized Monitor Lift:

One of the latest trends in offices is using a standing desk. If you are one of the many fans who is now working as they stand, you will be glad to know that you can also find a sit-stand desk with a computer monitor lift.

One of the things that are quite interesting is that standing desks tend to support larger monitors. In fact, some of them can hold a 30” computer monitor. Nevertheless, it is always better to confirm before you buy your new sit-stand desk with a computer monitor lift.

#3: Completely Recessed Monitor Desks:

These types of desks with a computer monitor lift are perfect for the classroom. After all, students can see the teacher and they can use the computer when he says so.

One of the things that we have been seeing is that, in some cases, the top of the desk where the computer monitor enters is made of tempered glass. Even though you may think it is an odd choice, the truth is that it looks incredible when in a school environment. However, when you are looking for a desk with a computer monitor lift, there are better options in our opinion.

As you can see, there are many different options that you can consider when you are thinking about using a computer monitor lift.

One of the things that we particularly like about the idea of using a computer monitor lift on a desk is that usually, these desks include some kind of mechanism to hide all the cables and wires. In fact, some of them also include power outlets so that you can have everything right next to you. So, you won’t even need to get up.

Ultimately, deciding on the best desk for your office with a computer monitor lift means that you care about your productivity. The truth is that even if you spend 90% of your time working with the computer, the remaining 10% you will need to use your desk. So, when you have a computer monitor lift, you will be able to simply put it out of sight. You will avoid distractions, be more focused, and you will also have all the space you need for all the other tasks. One of the major benefits is that you will also be taking care of your health. After all, when you need to have your computer monitor on your desk and you don’t have too much spare room for the other tasks that you need to complete, you will begin sitting in a poor posture. And this can lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain.


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